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Activity – Examples

2 Nov

This website Random Acts is a site for the organisation Random Acts. I trust this site with my donations to the charity because I know it’s directly linked with the charity because of the .org means it’s an organisation.

The Johnnie Walker website can be considered credible because it has won an award in the 2010 Ektron All Stars Awards for being the “Best Brand Site”.

The Intimo website is for women to buy lingerie online. Upon first appearance I would trust this site to produce the good I pay for based purely on the fact that I find the design aesthetically pleasing because it’s neat and pretty.

When I first saw DeviantArt I didn’t really trust it. I didn’t want to put my art work on the site because I feared it would get taken and someone else would take the credit for it. But with experience I learnt that you can put a watermark over your art so people can’t take it.



2 Nov

The address book in my phone reduces cognitive load as I don’t have to remember phone numbers. The numbers are also listed in alphabetical order which makes them easier to locate.

The button on my keychain makes it possible to unlock the doors to my car without having to physically use the key. This reduces kinematic load as I don’t have to do as much physically work but I still get the same result as normal keys.

The remote for my air conditioner reduces both kinematic and cognitive load. It reduces kinematic load because I don’t have to get up to work the air conditioner. It reduces the cognitive load because it has very simple buttons.

Question Two – Examples

1 Nov

As I mentioned the symbol for the pause button is an example of functional consistency. The two thick vertical lines side by side is a symbol that is used on all kinds of different devices. It is important to have these symbols as it would be messy and confusing if every remote, gaming consol, MP3 plays and radio had the function for each button written in words.

This warning symbol is attached to the cord of my hair straightening iron. This symbol is clearly informing the owner of the product not to get the item wet. This symbol can seen on many electrical devices, but more specifically ones used in bathrooms such as blow driers and curling irons, therefore making this symbol an example of externally consistent as it can be seen on a range of different devices and brands.  

Vera Wang is a fashion label and they use a specific style of font every time the brand name is printed on something. This is an example of a brand using aesthetic consistency in order to make the brand instantly recognizable. There are two main reasons that aesthetic consistency can help a brad sell a product. Firstly, a shopper will take comfort in the fact that they have seen this brand before and will be more likely to trust it. Secondly is that people wear certain brands with obvious aesthetically consistent designs because the brand is accepted by popular culture, or the brand is expensive and wearing it could make the buyer feel superior.

Question 2 – Examples

1 Nov

I went shopping for a fan for the summer months. I live in a very old house and it’s difficult to keep my room cool. Once I saw this fan I immediately decided I wanted it. I know realise it’s too small, loud and pretty much pointless as I sit here in on a mildly hot day feeling a lot worse than I would with a regular fan.

My radio does work quite well, even though it is a few years old now. The reason I own it though is because it l is a modern looking device. It’s sleek, shiny, black and the way the CD fits in was, at the time, a very new look. The problem with my radio is that I can’t get any radio signal because the ariel is just a wire and never stays in place, a more reliable technique could have been adopted but that may have affected the look of the stereo. It also has a subwoofer, a large box that makes the bass sound better. The box is pretty big and not something I need but what I didn’t realise is that it is necessary for the radio to turn on so I can’t just get rid of it.

My wallet is a gift from a friend who went to Bali, I know they bought it because they know it’s my favourite colour and that I like simple patterns. I do like my wallet very much and I do find it aesthetically pleasing and at first I thought I would have no troubles with it. But when I went to put my cards in I realised the cards are too big for the space provided so the edges of the pocket for the card have torn a little. The clip to undo the coin and note section is really difficult to undo and sometimes I have to use my teeth, also the section is too small and will not close if I have a few too many coins.