Question Two – Wikipedia

2 Nov

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites on the internet, especially for high school and university students doing assignments. When you are researching something on a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, Wikipedia will be one of the first websites that is suggested to you. Its increasing popularity is possibly due to the fact that it has so much information in an instant on basically everything, in one place. But, the problem with Wikipedia is that anybody with a computer can place information on the site and even edit the things that other people have put on the site. This is why I believe this is one of the core reasons Wikipedia isn’t accepted as a reference in this assignment. While some information may be true there is still no guarantee.
Also, on a Wikipedia entry the person who created it can reference at the information at the bottom of the page. So this makes it difficult to know who you are actually referencing, and what if something that has been referenced then gets edited by another user.


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