Question Three – Credibility

2 Nov

There are a number of things that will have an impact on how we judge the credibility of a website, some help us trust a site and others make us have less of a sense of security within the site. It is important to have a site with credibility if you wish for it to be successful because people will not participate in anything to do with a website if they do not trust it.
Things that improve a websites credibility:

– The site is regularly updated
– The author of the content is clearly displayed
– The authors has some experiences in the field in which they are discussing
– You can create an account within the site that requires conformation via the email address you provided
– If you are clearly provided with contact information
Things that don’t improve a websites credibility:

– The site is not regularly updated
– The author isn’t displayed
– There is no author and the information can be edited by anyone
– If there is the authors name displayed but no evidence of them having experience in the field they are discussing
– If the site regularly malfunctions
– If there is no contact information


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