Question 1 – Summary

2 Nov

When people are looking for information on a certain topic the internet is one of the first resources they turn to. Internet is such a large part of our culture now so it is important to understand what we can trust when doing research online. We need to understand how to recognise the signs of a website with credibility and one without credibility. Credibility essentially means how believable the information is. (Fogg, B. J. 2003).

One way to tell if a site has credibility is if you can identify the author of the content. (Struthers, K. 2004). If you can identify an author you at least know that the site isn’t open to anyone to say what they think. You then what to see if the author is an expert in the field in which you are researching. If the author wishes to increase their credibility they should also inform the reader of the date in which their information is relevant. (Hously, S. N/A).

Internet users also judge credibility by how the site is presented. (Lazar, J., Meiselwitz, G., Feng, J. 2007). So it is important to understand the elements of design and use them to your advantage in order to create a website that people trust.

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