Question 2 – Examples

1 Nov

I went shopping for a fan for the summer months. I live in a very old house and it’s difficult to keep my room cool. Once I saw this fan I immediately decided I wanted it. I know realise it’s too small, loud and pretty much pointless as I sit here in on a mildly hot day feeling a lot worse than I would with a regular fan.

My radio does work quite well, even though it is a few years old now. The reason I own it though is because it l is a modern looking device. It’s sleek, shiny, black and the way the CD fits in was, at the time, a very new look. The problem with my radio is that I can’t get any radio signal because the ariel is just a wire and never stays in place, a more reliable technique could have been adopted but that may have affected the look of the stereo. It also has a subwoofer, a large box that makes the bass sound better. The box is pretty big and not something I need but what I didn’t realise is that it is necessary for the radio to turn on so I can’t just get rid of it.

My wallet is a gift from a friend who went to Bali, I know they bought it because they know it’s my favourite colour and that I like simple patterns. I do like my wallet very much and I do find it aesthetically pleasing and at first I thought I would have no troubles with it. But when I went to put my cards in I realised the cards are too big for the space provided so the edges of the pocket for the card have torn a little. The clip to undo the coin and note section is really difficult to undo and sometimes I have to use my teeth, also the section is too small and will not close if I have a few too many coins.


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